10 Things Which Should Be Banned From All Weddings

As wedding planners, we see a lot of beautiful celebrations. But, there’s some which literally make my skin crawl. Everything has it’s time and place, but some need to be left in 2007. Here’s a list of 10 things which should be banned from all weddings, and make my team and I cringe.

Note: We are by no means saying our way is the right way, this is just our opinion. If you love organza chair bows, have organza chair bows. We just probably won’t plan your wedding for you.

Second Note: This is not about money. We see some amazing events on tiny budgets. It’s how you use it that counts.

10 Things Which Should Be Banned From All Weddings

  1. Organza Chair Bows

WHY DO THEY STILL EXISTS??!?!! By far the top of my hate list. They’re gross. If you have a beautiful room, they will immediately make it look cheap and tacky. Please spend £2 a chair and hire some in. Or even a standard banqueting chair venues have in stock will be better. The only reason people have them is to hold down the chairs covers….
If you still really want something on the back of your chairs, there are so many nice materials that would look amazing. What about a bold print? Or some florals? Maybe delicate lace is more your cup of tea?

  1. Chair covers

Not quite as bad as bows, but nearly. I’m specifically talking about the white cotton ones which Mandy delicately calls “The KKK Covers”. By the time you’ve paid for the hire of an ugly chair, feel you then need to hire a cover to hide the ugly chair, then hire organza to hold down the ugly cover, it would have been cheaper to hire a nice chair in the first place! Why would you want your ceremony room to look like a bunch of racist chairs? Again, it’s super cheap to hire in chairs, or even the stretchy ones are better.

  1. Diamonds on the tables

If they were actual diamonds, then fine. Throw your cash on the table, I won’t stop you. But the little plastic things you can buy in hobby craft, what purpose do they serve? They will clutter your table, block the venue vacuum cleaner, get in everyone’s way when you’re trying to put your wine glass down, and contrary to popular belief, they will not “catch the light”.

  1. Paper Napkins

Do I need to write anything here? If you’re getting married, hopefully you loosely fall under the bracket of “Adult”, therefore you do you want your wedding to be  representational of a kids party at a bowling alley. (Actually, that does sound kind of cool).

  1. Floating candles

Just no. They’re sign of cheap. You can do cheap in a way that doesn’t scream “I have no money left so this is all you’re getting”.

  1. Big letters

In 2016 the trend of having massive light up letters was rife. However it is exactly that, a trend, meaning the likelihood is you’ll look back on your wedding photos in 10 years time and think why on earth did I decide to do my wedding the same as everyone else’s. I’ve had multiple conversations with couples about going for a stylish, timeless look over what’s in fashion at the time. The pictures are sometimes what make the memories last, so do something you’ll love forever.

  1. Mirror disks

Again, a classic way to make it look like you’ve put effort into your centrepieces in a lazy and cheap way. Again, everyone’s done it, and again, you can be so much more creative and personal even on a restricted budget.

  1. Favours (As much as we can help it)

The event and wedding industry is so incredibly wasteful. Everyone gets that wedding excitement which leads to spending hours on Pinterest and Etsy buying things you don’t need but are just excited by. Favours fall into this same category of waste. No one really wants any more sugar coated almonds. No one wants a mini bottle of wine. Ok, maybe some people will want a favour, close family and friends etc. If that’s the case, get only those people something more permanent and meaningful to remember your day. Book them an appointment at a tattoo parlour or something (we’ve actually had someone do this before). Out of all 10 things which should be banned from all weddings, this is the one that should help your social consequence sleep!

  1. Tablecloths which don’t touch the floor

This is by no means exclusive to weddings. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if your tablecloths are a foot off the floor you’re a bad caterer. I’ve recently been on an event where I moved the cloth down by no more than an inch, but not seeing the legs makes such a difference. It’s those tiny details that take your wedding from shabby to perfection. Golden rule is, your table cloths should be kissing the floor!

  1. Napkins in glasses

I just can’t even begin.

I think we should leave this trend in the 80’s along with perms, big shoulder pads, cordon blue, and Miami Vice!

It doesn’t look good. It doesn’t look fancy. It doesn’t look decorative. STOP. It looks cheap and just generally awful. It takes just as much time to do a nice fold on top of a place setting or charger plate.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly tongue and cheek (but mainly serious makes me want to pull my hair out) list of 10 things which should be banned from all weddings. Again, if you love any of these things, then sista let your tables be covered in diamonds with mirror disks and KKK covers. This is just our opinion, and should give you a taste of our style at Mango Pie.



10 things which should be banned from all weddings: Written by Rebecca Brennan-Brown, with assistance from the Mango Pie team!