Creating Meaningful Memories & Connections

We are an event management company who stand out from the crowd by creating unforgettable designs, guaranteed to make an impact.

Ten years experience of event management has allowed our creative management team to take you from that  initial eureka moment of inspiration, through to the realisation of your event. We understand that every event is unique, as is every client. Our expertise can help you overcome common and more unusual challenges posed by each specific event; whether this be time constraints, a lack of inspiration or simply wanting to mix things up. This is why we offer a number of tailor-made services, to ensure your expectation becomes a reality. A member of our dedicated creative management team will accompany you throughout the whole process but can be involved as much or as little as you like. The process is really not about us, it’s about how we can make your life better.

Your aims are our aims. After all, this is your event: the experience you want to share with other people. 

Our team all come from working behind the scenes to now being in the forefront working with you. Having this level of in-depth knowledge in house allows us to push boundaries and create unique and memorable events that most would consider unachievable.

Our professionalism and expertise has allowed us to become the first Event Management company to be listed on a Unique Venue of London approved suppliers list.

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What’s Important to Us?

We believe every event has a purpose and every design should have a personality.

We believe in saying no to projects so that we can really focus on the few that are important to us.

Above all, we believe the impression of an event should last more than one night.

Our Story – The First Decade