Thinking Of Having An Outdoor Wedding?

In a world which is constantly evolving, it seems strange to stick to past traditions when there are innovative and modern alternatives popping up across all aspects of our society. With the rapid rise of technology, contemporary solutions to classical problems are paving the way to the future. But when it comes to the wedding industry especially, there is a reluctance to embrace change.

Is it your dream to be married in an outdoor location of your choice, surrounded by close family and friends and enjoying the fresh air and warm weather? If so, then you’ll be disappointed to hear that this wonderful image is currently not possible in England and Wales – at least not legally. The current UK law states that couples cannot legally marry outdoors in these locations unless the ceremony takes place in a structure with a solid, permanent roof and holds a licence. The only alternative solution to this is to attend a register office ceremony either before or after the outdoor celebration in order to make the marriage legally binding.

But fear not – the Law Commission have been asked to conduct a full review of the laws around weddings in England and Wales. As the current law which governs marriage dates back to 1836, the Law Commission believe that the terms of where and how couples may marry is too restrictive for the modern British couple.

“What are the pros of getting wed outdoors?”

By allowing marriages to be legally binding in even the most remote and unique locations, more couples could let their imaginations run wild, customising their wedding to their heart’s content and marrying in a way that is meaningful to them. In addition to this, the cost of a wedding would be significantly reduced in a number of ways. Couples who are set on holding an outdoor ceremony would not be burdened with the cost of holding two separate ceremonies. Also, generally speaking, outdoor sites are much less expensive to rent than indoor venues. Outdoor weddings can also provide beautiful backdrops for your photos – something which can rarely be equalled by any indoor venue.

However, the main worry on most people’s minds at the mention of an outdoor wedding in the UK is, of course, the weather. Whilst we can’t argue that this could be a huge issue, there are ways to prepare for most scenarios. Firstly, have an indoor back-up plan in case it’s completely unfeasible to go through with holding the wedding outdoors. A good idea may be to hold the ceremony outdoors but the post-marriage celebrations in a nearby tent, barn or beach hut – that way you are only having to worry about the weather for a small portion of the day. If it’s a wet day then wear wellies, provide umbrellas to each guest and have towels at hand. Or if you happen to get a complete scorcher of a day then make sure you have plenty of water for guests as well as parasols and fans.

Although no definite decisions have been made, we couldn’t help but get excited about the never-ending list of possibilities this law change could welcome; so we’ve came up with a few ideas showcasing 5 of the many ways in which you could create the outdoor wedding of your dreams!