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Corporate Events


The problem with corporate events…

Generally speaking, there are a few problems a corporate event planner will face. We often meet teams who have no time to spice up their events due to workload, so fall into a habit of running same thing every year. ¬†Others don’t have an events team at all and have no idea where to start, who to trust, who will give you good bang for your buck, and so on. Sometimes, you know exactly what you’re doing, but just need to make a particular event so impressive that no one could ever forget it. If any of these scenario’s sound like you, we can help.

Our Process

We don’t have any brochures, templates, or steps to follow at Mango Pie. Every event we plan is unique and bespoke to you and your requirements. Our corporate event planners will take the time to understand your goals for your event, assess what your priorities are, and quote accordingly. We’re there to help you every step of the way, from venue sourcing right through to closing the budget. We deal with all the suppliers, all the design, and the nitty gritty details that often get overlooked, leaving you to focus purely on the guest list.

As Rebecca used to be a corporate event planner in an in house events team, and Mandy has been working with corporate clients for 10+ years, we know how this works from both sides and know how to get it right, and how not to go wrong.

We offer a complimentary consultation for clients based in London or surrounding counties.