Quirky Destination Wedding Locations – Part One

With the world of Destination Weddings being bigger than ever, many couples are choosing to get married in more unusual places. For years dreams of getting married in the hills of Tuscany, or on a beach in Ibiza would be at the forefront of your mind when thinking of getting married abroad, but now people are expanding their sights further. As destination wedding planners who love a bit of a challenge, we’re always on the look out for the less explored spots. Hence the birth of this blog series! Check back every week for a new destination.

OSLO, Norway

The first of our destination wedding locations is Norway. The second you step into Oslo’s airport, you’re faced with a taste of what’s to come. The beautifully clean terminal covered in pine screams Nordic, something which continues through the entire journey into Oslo. As any capital, it’s tall and busy, but still has it’s Scandi ways. The real beauty for me however was found on a short boat trip out to the Islands, across Oslo’s Fjord.
As one of, if not the most peaceful place I have ever been, a wedding on any number of the Islands would certainly be one to remember. As your guests arrive by boat to your island of choice, the quiet and still of the landscape will be truly breathtaking. The only sound to break the silence are the waves hitting the shores, as you look out across the never ending landscape.
For a small ceremony of around 40, you can get married in the lighthouse in the middle of the sea. For higher guest numbers, there is the Folkmuseum. A tip, Norway is so cold in the winter, so unless you want to marry in salapettes, have a summer wedding.
Positives: As your surroundings are so simply stunning, you’ll need to spend little on décor. I’d suggest keeping the scandi tone alive with small touches of wood, plants, and natural materials.
Negatives: Norway demands a higher price for most things due to taxes, but like anything you can be smart about it. You can often get flights from London from as little as £15.
Come back next week for the next instalment of destination wedding locations!
Written by Rebecca Brennan-Brown
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