Get To Know Órlaith Donnelly

My name is… Órlaith – pronounced Or-la, however, never to be shortened to ‘Orla’ in a text/email… my pet peeve! (*cue “That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Tings). I will let you off with not using the fada on my ‘O’ though. Fun fact: my name actually means ‘Golden Princess’ in Irish Gaelic. Company Role […]

The Use Of Galleries For Your Corporate Event

London is such a city of opportunity and we’re truly spoilt with the amount of unique and intriguing spaces we have on offer to us as event managers. There are new super modern venues and hotels opening all the time. We often forget about some of the places which have been around the longest. As […]

Making Eco Friendly Events – How To Be More Sustainable

At a time where world leaders such as Donald Trump don’t believe in climate change, we think it’s more important than ever to be conscious of your footprint. A lot of people are very eco friendly in their own home, I bet everyone reading this has at least one recycling bin, but no one is […]

July Event Management Week!

Mango Pie: Event Week 12th – 15th July!
Here at Mango Pie we have spent the majority of June arming ourselves to battle a hectic event week mid-July. A week that saw us running events around London back to back!
Tuesday 12th July –
The week kicked off with the Clyde & Co drinks reception at the National Portrait Gallery. One of our favorite venues to work with, the event went off without a hitch. Comforting pink tones were used to light the gallery, sharpened with the crisp yellow linen collaboration. Block colours are hugely popular this season, bringing vibrancy and life to gallery spaces. Nicky Doodson created bright floral arrangements filled with large blooms and foliage.