Event Design Ideas: Creating An Easter Table

Event Design: Easter florals

Creating an Easter table design

It doesn’t feel much like spring is on it’s way, however Good Friday is just around the corner, so for event design companies it’s time to start making plans. Whether that’s taking the kids away, trying to catch the last of the ski season, or spending some quality time at home with family and friends. As always, we use Easter as another reason for a new event design, even if it’s just because Bob and Sue from next door are popping round for lunch! The mood board below has been created using items which are available in the shops at the moment.
Event Design: Event Design Companies, Mango Pie

Event design: choosing a colour palette

Try and set a clear colour palette – event design companies will always teach you to find some inspiration, so have a look on Pinterest, see what sort of things you’d like. I have chosen to use spring as an influence for such a dinner, and with that in mind I’d be looking at pastels, bright colours, something that screams spring. For the purpose of this post, I’ll be using these colours below.
Event Design: Easter Colour Palette
Start from the bottom up. Now this is the fun bit… Event design companies will call what we’re about to build a table scape… Start with your table cloth. Personally, I like to stick to neutral and add pops of colour elsewhere. Add texture to create depth.
Now you have the base of your event design, add in a hint of colour in the napkins. I’d use green for this event design to make sure it doesn’t end up too girly, but once folded add a pink flower on top. Equally, a muted pink could work well.
You can really go to town on an Easter table design with theming, but I’m going to be sticking to a simple but chic design. Next, I’d be thinking about florals. Consider what’s in season. The classics are daffodils, daisies, peonies, but tulips are my favourite, so for this event design I’d be looking for a mix of pinks, whites, and lilac tones. Keep it rustic by tying them in bunches, or keep the budget down but only using petals and placing them around the table. Alternatively, go all out with a jaw dropping floral centre piece like below. It might be a bit much for Bob and Sue though…
Event Design: Easter florals
If you’re really going all out, charger plates always add an air of luxury to any event design. Use a simple but textured charger topped with colour, again creating depth. You don’t have to break the bank, you can get some great coloured crockery range from Matalan!
To finish off your design, add a pop of pink in the glassware, and some rose gold cutlery. And hey presto, you have a stunning table design that any event design company would be proud of.

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