Christmas Party Venues In London 2018

Christmas Party Venues: Two Temple Place

Christmas Party Venues

I’m slightly angry at myself for even writing this but as corporate events specialists we simply have to. It seems like it was only last week, but it’s time to start thinking about Christmas. Whether you love it or could give the Grinch a run for his money, Christmas party venues get booked out pretty quickly, so it’s time to get booking! Unlike other corporate events, I think at Christmas you have a bit more flexibility to have a bit more fun with theming, so I’ve listed our 2018 top Christmas party blank canvas venues of different sizes below.

The Small (0-50)

Two Temple Place

Our first Christmas party venue is the most luxurious. Imagine the impact of 50 guests on one long table in one of the most historic venues in London. Character is something that Two Temple Place is not short of, and considering the age and beauty of the venue, they are incredibly flexible. At Mango Pie we work in Two Temple Place quite often, and love doing so. Every time I am there I have a new design idea, there are not enough events in the world to complete them all!

The Medium (100-300)

The Vinyl Factory

A trendy venue hidden under a record shop on Marshal Street, Soho, The Vinyl Factory is a plain white space which can hold up to 350 people. It’s rare in London that venues have no approved suppliers list, but this one has no list, no recommendations, nothing at all. You can literally bring in whatever and whoever you like. There’s a separate space to build a kitchen, and access is easy. The only slight negative is that you have to load out the day after. This is a completely dry hire, so you can really go to town on the theming. Think exploded snow ball…

The Large (500+)

Victoria House Basement

Now we know London is somewhat limited in venues for this number, but Victoria House Basement is a hidden gem. Again a total blank canvas, the only thing that isn’t white is the celling which is exposed. You’d need to build in everything from the kitchen to the cloakroom, but there really is no limit as to what you could do with this space. The location is perfect for corporate events as it is just off Bloomsbury Sq, meaning it would be very easily accessible for everyone attending your Christmas party.
For more ideas and inspiration on the perfect party venue for your Christmas party please get in touch! We have over ten years experience of designing and planning unforgettable corporate events in London.