Emelia’s First Month at Mango Pie

Emelia Brooking has recently started a career in events at Mango Pie as our Event Assistant.


As her first job into the industry, we’ve really tried not to scare her! So in her own words, here’s her review on her first month:

“Has it really been a month already?

I can honestly say (although it may sound cheesy) that working with Mango Pie this last month has completely changed my life.

I knew that I wanted to go into events from a young age and since then have really struggled to find a door to get my foot in. I tried an Events Management course at University, doing work experience with event teams, bar work to try and climb the ladder and I was at the point of giving up altogether before I saw the job advert. It was exactly what I’ve been looking for the past 3 years and has given me this amazing opportunity to learn and work hands-on to give me the experience I so desperately need.

Mandy and Rebecca are by far the best teachers I could have asked for at this stage of my career in events. The idea of taking on as much as they do by myself one day scares the life out of me right now, but they have taught me so much already that I feel like one day it will be possible (fingers crossed!).

Every day they inspire me and encourage me to do my best, inside and outside of work; their tips and knowledge as well as kind hearts are something I appreciate greatly.

It’s been so interesting to see what I like doing and tasks that I am also not so fond of. For someone who didn’t think they were going to pass their Maths GCSE and hated writing essays, I could happily sit all day looking at the numbers side of things and creating quotes and summaries to show off the creative ideas of what will soon come together! Searching for hours on end for various sized disco balls on the other hand is a different story that I won’t go into…

Mango Pie is such a unique and amazing company, at first I didn’t realise how great it is until actually being behind the scenes and seeing how much work and effort is put in to achieve the incredible things they do; not only the events but achievements such as being the first Event Management company to be listed at the National Portrait Gallery. I knew I’d struck gold when Rebecca phoned me to tell me I’d got the job, but I can see now just how lucky I am to have been offered a part in the Mango Pie team!

Considering at my previous job the most strenuous task delegated to me was to collect the milk in the morning, I feel like I have come a long way in only a month. Rebecca and Mandy give me tasks that challenge me and give me a sense of importance which is something that a lot of young people starting their career strive for but is not always trusted to them. It’s made me feel like I can contribute something, even if not a huge amount to hopefully grow and become the best that I can be.

I think more event companies should definitely consider apprentice schemes for people like me that just want to be given the opportunity to learn and follow their aspirations, kickstarting their career in events. It’s so difficult to get your foot in the door, no matter how much effort you make or ways of trying and I honestly can’t thank Rebecca and Mandy enough for believing in me and taking me on just over a month ago.”

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