How To Plan Your Perfect Wedding

Wedding Planning: How to Plan your Perfect Wedding

When it comes to wedding planning, and taking on the role of being your own wedding organiser, timing is everything, and of course being incredibly organised. As experienced wedding planners we know the secret to a good wedding, so here are four of our top tips:

1. Start Wedding Planning Early

Early organisation can really help make the whole planning process a lot less stressful. Setting a date and finding a venue should always be the first step. Budget allocation, checklists and timelines will help you keep track. There are variety of downloadable planning schedules and documents online that can be really helpful.
Guest lists can be time consuming, I would always suggest that this is one of your first tasks. This is also a very delicate matter which I find causes the most stress and ‘drama’ for most couples. The rest of the family may also have a strong opinion with this particular element of the wedding and of course you don’t want to upset anyone. Always remember though, it is your wedding day.

2. Enlist Help

Do not under estimate your bridal party! They will hands down be your biggest support so recruiting their help early on will be a big boost to your wedding planning resources. Make a list of all of their respective skills and then match them to areas where you might need a bit of extra help. If you approach it in the right way you will find they will be flattered to be asked and will join in enthusiastically.

3. Making a Commitment

When it comes to searching for the right suppliers or vendors it can be extremely daunting. You could be emailing and contacting suppliers, receiving quotes and proposals for weeks on end. There are so many options available, when you are acting as your own wedding organiser how do you whittle it down? I find that many wedding couples struggle to commit and often ask for more options. However, having too many options can be a hindrance rather than a help. Eventually the time will come to make a decision, and to avoid missing out on availability, it has to be done. Research is vital, helpful websites such as WeddingWire, Guides for Brides and Hitched can help you on your supplier search. Read reviews, blogs, take a look at their social media accounts and narrow it down to two or three options for each supplier type. Develop relationships and speak to them over the phone. Speaking to a human rather than relying on emails can really help in finding your perfect supplier match.

4. There’s No ‘I’ in Team

Venue, caterer, production, florist, entertainment – each and every supplier that you select are part of your personal wedding organiser team. Along with the bridal party, your trusted suppliers will also help advise and guide. They are after all the experts! You don’t need to spend hours trawling the internet to find out what flower is in season, ask the florist. What colour lighting will help create the most intimate and romantic atmosphere? Ask your production team! It’s simple really, why stress and spend hours of unnecessary research when you have the answers at the other end of the telephone, or short email.
We have years of experience of organising perfect weddings, for more information or to find out how we could help you, just get in touch!