Event Management: A Networking Evening at Two Temple Place, London

If you ever have an event management challenge where it’s simply impossible to gather the attendee information in advance, and the event really needs to be a dinner, this concept works a treat!

Two Temple Place is a self contained venue which works perfectly for a conference followed by a networking dinner. We started off with a conference in the lower gallery which needed to have tables as delegates where encouraged to have discussions, followed by a networking reception and dinner upstairs in the in the library and upper gallery. We allowed enough poseur tables and high bar stools for 70% of the guests and four pockets of lower soft seating to mop up the rest. Substantial bowl food was hand passed around the room and there was a coherent flow in the menu distribution to represent a dinner concept of starters, salads, main course and dessert. Without actually being a sit-down-dinner this was in fact a dinner event and our clients and their guests absolutely loved it.

Have a look at the rest of our portfolio to see some other examples of event management challenges we have overcome, and if you have any of your own that you’d like our help with, please get in touch!


Designed and Managed: Mango Pie

Venue: Two Temple Place

Catering: Rocket Food

Uniform Hire: Mango Pie

Furniture Hire: Great Hire

Florist: Lavender Geen

Entertainment: Kru Talent