Meet Rebecca Brennan-Brown

Meet Event Manager And Designer Rebecca Brennan-Brown
We’re often asked who are the amazing people behind our incredible events so we wanted to introduce you to one of the core members of our event management team here at Mango Pie, Rebecca Brennan-Brown.

Rebecca started with us in November 2017 as an Event Manager and Designer and she joined us with a wealth of experience of over seven years working in event management.

Rebecca was the client, now she’s the designer and manager of one of our major events.
Rebecca joined us directly from working in the internal events team at BVCA where she managed 40+ annual events with budgets of over £500k. In her role she actually contracted us as event planners for the larger Galas and her first event at Mango Pie was the Gala she used to manage as a client, so she knew the event really well from both sides.

Rebecca studied Art and Design at the University of Creative Arts but she also loves logistics and spreadsheets. Unusually her logistical left brain and creative right brain are very evenly balanced which in our event planners world makes her the perfect event designer and manager! She says herself

Events to me are like a giant puzzle and I love fitting all the pieces together, creating the big picture.
We believe bringing on board people who question and challenge the norm. Her input has been inspiring and it is been wonderful to see her grow and flourish.
Mandy Mahil, director of Mango Pie says:

We’re excited about the contribution Rebecca has made already to our team of event planners, and we know she’ll continue to be a vital part of our event management team. We think we’ll leave her with the last word which sums up our approach to our events,

No, is not a word used at Mango Pie and I love that!
Rebecca Brennan-Brown, Events Manager & Designer