Get To Know Órlaith Donnelly

My name is… Órlaith – pronounced Or-la, however, never to be shortened to ‘Orla’ in a text/email… my pet peeve! (*cue “That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Tings). I will let you off with not using the fada on my ‘O’ though. Fun fact: my name actually means ‘Golden Princess’ in Irish Gaelic. Company Role […]

Alternative Large London Venues to The Dorchester

Boycott The Dorchester In light of the recent press scandal surrounding The Sultan of Burnei and his introduction of Shariah Law, many have pledged to boycott his chain of luxury hotels, including The Dorchester. The boycott was first put forward by film-star, George Clooney, and has since attracted mass media attention and public support, as […]